Handling a case on appeal requires an understanding of how appellate judges analyze cases, which is different than the methods used by trial judges or juries. Our attorneys have experience analyzing, briefing, and arguing civil and criminal appeals. We regularly handle appeals before the District of Columbia Court of Appeals and other appellate bodies. We offer the following services related to appeals:

Post-Trial Motions:
An appeal can often be avoided through the filing of motions following an unfavorable jury verdict or trial court decision. If you have received an unfavorable decision, you may be able to file a motion for a new trial, a motion for judgment as a matter of law, or other motions challenging substantive or procedural defects in the trial process. Our appellate attorneys can reduce the chances that you will have to fight an appeal. We also will defend you if an appeal has been lodged against you.

Briefing and Arguing Appeals:
Our lawyers meticulously review trial transcripts, briefs, and other filings and carefully research applicable laws in order to craft persuasive briefs. We have experience arguing appeals and we understand the issues that appellate judges care about.

Amicus Briefs:
Appeals courts often accept briefs from groups and entities other than the actual parties to the case. This type of brief is known as a “brief amicus curiea.”When a case presents issues that are important to segments of a society beyond the parties implicated, our lawyers can assist with the preparation and filing of an amicus brief.